Monday, June 16, 2014

Pharmacy syllabus need revisions

Among the health care professionals, pharmacists are considered as major pillars  in design, development and supply of quality medicines to the patients. The development of pharmaceuticals/formulations is an outcome of interplay between pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry (especially synthetic and phytochemistry), pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technologies, analytical techniques and quality
assurance at each and every level. Along with the basics of drug discovery and development, the advanced tools assisting developments of new drug substances and drug products are of paramount importance. Especially, high throughput screening techniques accelerate the pace of API/ excipient developments. The
pharmaceuticals which are being developed needs to be guaranteed high degree of quality assurance in it. Simultaneously, to meet the global and diverse needs one has to address requirements of both regulatory and non regulatory markets.
Through this blog I want to convey the massage that the at present syllabus of B.Pharma or M.Pharma not up to the mark. Present industrialization was not considered in syllabus. For that reason after getting pass out from the exam it is difficult to get a in industry and as well as marketing field. Even books are having old concepts. Few thing need to be incorporated in syllabus and as well as books are need to be revised. 

Suppose 1st semester English literature is there in syllabus but no pharmaceutical orientation in not there in it.
Standard operating procedure is important part of pharmaceutical industry but not considers. Even group discussion , debating all those need to be incorporate.

In engineering drawing Autocad drawing need to be considered. Verification of all 2D drawing, facility design and compliance as per regulatory. P&ID drawing review of equipment.

Pharmaceutics is also vast subject. In case of injectable formulation in-process technique should to be considers, filtration procedure and line clearance procedure. Most of student not having clear idea in tablet manufacturing process. As well as liquid formulation. ointment , API manufacturing process need to be incorporate.

In pharmaceutical  engineering in process machinery should to be incorporated.  E.g: Autoclave, Terminal sterilizer, liquid/dry powder filling machine, tablet compression machine, handling of filters, AHU units, BMS.

In Biotechnology should incorporate different types vaccine (bacterial and viral) formulation and purification process and testing, as well as biotechnological product. Also broad clarity need on Fermentation system. TFF system and other technique too.

In Pharmaceutical Analysis all formulation and API technique should consider with practical example. Thoroughly knowledge need on HPLC, GC, IR etc. Full information of stability need to be incorporate.

In regulatory Efilling of dossier, quality management system, change control, deviation,CAPA, risk analysis, importance of training need to be incorporated.

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