Sunday, September 29, 2013

What is 100 Class (Grade A) area ?

A cleanroom or clean room is an environment, typically used in manufacturing or scientific research that has a low level of environmental pollutants such as dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles and chemical vapors. More accurately, a clean-room has a controlled level of contamination that is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter at a specified particle size.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Interview Questions for Pharmaceutical industry related jobs (QA,QC,Production,RA,f&d) for B.pharma /M.pharma (Part 2)

      Interview questions for Technician (engineer) in parenteral injectable plant   
      1.  Which test should to be perform for detect the leakage & penetration of steam in Steam sterilizer/ Autoclave?
Answer: The identification for any leakage & penetration of steam can be tested by the following methods: Chamber Leak Test, Bowie Dick test
     2.      Mention the name of all the utility required to run the steam sterilizer/ Autoclave.
      Answer: Plant Steam for Jacket, Pure Steam for Chamber, Soften Water for Vacuum System, Compressed Air

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