Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perform Operation Qualification (OQ) in Pharmaceutical Industry

Following activity shall be performing during the Installation qualification of <Equipment Name> but not limited to.
General test
o   Availability of IQ test report verification
o   Standard operating procedure verification
o   General function test
Automated control
o   Verification of Human Machine Interface
o   I/O status verification
o   Verification of Alarms & Interlocks
o   User Access test
o   Verification of Configurable parameter
o   Verification of power failure
o   Real clock verification
o   Verification of interface and communication
o   Verification of noise level
Specific operational test
o   <Verification of different activity test>
Verification of measures identified during risk analysis
o   <Verification of risk>
Training record verification

Deviation and corrective action verification

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