Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Paperless documentation in pharma..a steps towards next generations

1. Put a weight machine to measures paper waste in QA...to check how many paper we shredded per months.. May be tons off..

2. Build awareness among the people by showing the data..

3. Make a campaign to reduced the waste.. That not only for the organization, for society also..because Good Health can't wait..

4. Do review in soft copy only..why to generate hard...

5. Take booklet prints (4 in 1) incase of requirements

6. Issue control copies to other department in both side print..

7. Checks twice before taking print..

8. Implement digital signature procedure to approved the documents by converting pdf copy..and secure for print option also..to stop unnecessary print generation.. Upload the same pdf. copy for SAP..e.g. Currently bank and other government authorities are following. Validate your e-signature

9.. Dont take print equipment generated data, try to verify from scada. Get data backup through secured electronic Data management.

10. Implement electronic tab e.g. itab to view SOP through strong wifi server. Quickly transfer the SOP language in English to any other languages across the globe.

11. Approval of soft documents security by can be developed through finger security scan in laptop or desktop.

12. Digital video clip can be made of your SOP's for effective training e.g machine operations , cleaning procedure.. That can be play from secure server only.
13. No need to recall obsolute documents. Upload new clip or revised documents from servers.

14. Master e-BMR/BPR/QUALIFICATION PROTOCOL... can be implemented and execution is online..current/real time only..no data integrity...precalculation sheet in BMR can reduce calculations error.

Take next steps towards paperless digital world.. Go green.. Because

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