Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Interview Questions for Pharmaceutical industry related jobs (QA,QC,Production,RA,f&d) for B.pharma /M.pharma (Part 4)

  • Interview Questions for Production (Injectable preparation) in pharmaceutical industry

    Final round of Interview questions in technical round in Production (SPV) :

    1. Principle of Autoclave operation. 
    2. Basics of cleaning validation during change over of different product in filling. 
    3. How to take swab from filling needle in filling machine ?
    4. Handling of filters and filter integrity test
    5. Steps of media fill protocol.
    6. About Viable and non viable monitoring in clean room. 

    Name of Company:Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
    Company Website : http://www.drreddys.com/india/
    Date of interview: October 2012
    Interview for the Department:R&D
    Interview for the Post: Scientific Officer
    Interview for the Plant: Hydrabad
    Mode of service :  Permanent

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