Friday, January 18, 2013

Distinguish between dissolution and disintegration

Disintegration time is the time required for a dosage form to break up in to granules of specified size (or smaller) under carefully specified conditions.

Where as dissolution is a process by which solid substance enters in the solvent to yield a solution.It is controlled by the affinity between the solid substance and the solvent.

In other words DT (disintegration time) is measuring the break down of a dosage form and dissolution is measuring the drug being solubilized in the media.
Disintegration is a subset of dissolution.It is a process where by the oral dosage form falls apart or disintegrates in to smaller aggregates (disintegration is a disaggregation of constituent particles before dissolution happens).

Availability of a drug from the dosage form depends on it's ability to disintegrate fast enough in the existing dissolution media(Rate of drug dissolution is greatly influenced by disintegration of dosage form). 

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